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Detailed 3D rendering of the powerful Marine Propulsion  Engine, illustrating its advanced design and engineering for marine applications.
Close-up of the high-performance rotor in a BEM H70 alternator, showcasing precision engineering for efficient power generation.

Igniting Possibilites and Powering 

Progress with BEM Alternators.




Our custom-crafted alternators embody a commitment to outstanding design and efficiency. With our headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany, and production facilities in China, we seamlessly integrate global expertise. Our generators are meticulously engineered for peak efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, extended service life, and cost-effective maintenance.

BEM is a dynamic global leader in alternator manufacturing, driven by a mission to power your ambitions. We are your trusted partner in precision power solutions.


Our alternators are engineered to thrive in various environments, from maritime applications to stationary power needs. They are built to meet Class H high-voltage standards, ensuring unwavering performance even in the most demanding conditions. Robust and adaptable, they excel in transient load applications, offering unmatched reliability and versatility.

We provide precision power solutions that empower industries and businesses worldwide. Our alternators, ranging from 25 kVA to 20,000 kVA, epitomize excellence in design and efficiency. With a fusion of cutting-edge design and unparalleled efficiency, these generators serve as the bedrock of critical operations, quietly fueling progress across diverse sectors.

Discover the spectrum of power with BEM generators. In this image, the L02 and H80 models stand side by side, showcasing BEM's versatile range of generators, from compact solutions to heavy-duty powerhouses, ensuring reliability in every application.

L Series – low voltage

→ 25 ≤



≥ 22,000

High voltage – H Series

An imposing maritime vessel sets the stage for BEM generators in action. This image exemplifies the robust power solutions that BEM offers for the maritime industry, ensuring reliable energy generation for large-scale vessels and offshore applications.
A sprawling power plant vista showcases BEM generators at the heart of energy production. BEM generators play a pivotal role in power plants, ensuring seamless electricity generation for industries and communities alike, with unrivaled efficiency and reliability.
An airport's bustling infrastructure, illuminated by BEM alternators, exemplifies their crucial role in stationary applications. BEM alternators provide uninterrupted power to airports, ensuring smooth operations and passenger safety across the terminal, runways, and support facilities.





An intricate exploded view diagram of the BEM L06 generator, showcasing its meticulously engineered components and the precise assembly that drives its exceptional performance. From the stator to the rotor, every detail is revealed, highlighting the innovation behind BEM's power generation solutions.

At BEM, we’re shaping the future of power generation. Our vision is clear: to be leaders in the field. Fueled by boundless innovation and technical expertise, we’re already on our way.



Behind every BEM alternator lies a fusion of art and science. We push the boundaries, redefining performance, reliability, and efficiency and are offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Our team isn’t just professionals; we’re enthusiasts and specialists, committed to your success and dedicated to bringing your vision to life. 



A dedicated BEM engineer in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, meticulously overseeing the production process of advanced generators. Precision and expertise are the cornerstones of BEM's commitment to engineering excellence.
  • EM stands out with its flexible and responsive approach, backed by a strong R&D focus. We offer comprehensive system solutions, including cutting-edge hybrid technologies. Our in-house simulation capabilities, such as CFD and FEA, ensure precision engineering. 

  • BEM has a track record of innovation, including special low-voltage designs for frequency converters and Class H high-voltage systems. Our generators are known for their robustness and exceptional performance under transient loads.

  • BEM generators offer a low total cost of ownership with extended lifespans and minimal maintenance expenses. They deliver high efficiencies and are known for providing tailor-made solutions without the premium price tag.

  • With a global footprint, BEM ensures you have a reliable partner wherever your operations are located. Our international network allows us to provide seamless service and support.

  • BEM pioneers special low-voltage designs tailored for frequency converter use. These innovations offer increased efficiency and reliability for your power solutions.

  • BEM excels in Class H high-voltage technologies, providing you with generators that meet the most demanding requirements in terms of durability and performance.

  • At BEM, we believe in delivering efficiency through tailor-made solutions. We ensure that you get precisely what you need without unnecessary costs, helping you optimize your operations.

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